Pilates Apparatus Private Sessions

Learn to work against the resistance of springs, straps and pulleys to enhance the workout experience. The body is challenged in a variety of different positions such as lying down, sitting, standing, pulling the straps, pushing the footbar, sitting on the footbar, perched on the shoulder pads. Add on equipment such as jump boards and boxes allow further positions including hanging upside down and sideways. Adjustable settings and varying levels of resistance allow the exercises to be modified to enhance balance, control, strength and flexibility. With just one piece of equipment, the Reformer can train many different body parts in a variety of different ways. The systematic approach allows for a whole body workout, that totally sculpts the entire body.

The Reformer offers all of the usual Pilates benefits including strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, which all help to improve posture and movement efficiency. Bones become stronger and joint mobility increases. As the body becomes aligned and balanced due to corrective postural exercises, students often experience a reduction in pain caused by muscle imbalance.

The moving carriage on the Refomer, combined with the varying levels of resistance challenge stability, which helps develop core strength. The stronger the core, the better the posture, balance, control and overall well being.

These sessions are only available on a private lesson basis at our Sunderland Studio.