Pilates Mat Class

Pilates is a workout that recognises individual needs and builds strength without adding bulk and balancing that strength with flexibility. It relies on strengthening the postural muscles which stabilise the torso. By correcting muscle imbalance, faulty muscle recruitment patterns and bad habits, the body is brought back into alignment.

Pilates avoids the muscle and ligament damage associated with many fitness regimes and plays a key role in rehabilitation programmes for many sports injuries as well as helping to improve back and neck problems. Its consistent success rate in solving such problems has brought it to the attention of physiotherapists and surgeons alike.

Each exercise is based on the 8 principles of :- Relaxation, Co-ordination, Stamina, Alignment, Breathing, Concentration, Centering and Flowing Movements.

Joseph Pilates method is almost 100 years old and is suitable for everybody regardless of age, fitness level or medical condition.