Ashtanga Power Yoga

This class is for experienced yoga practitioners.

Ashtanga yoga is a strong form of yoga that follows a set sequence of postures put together with a vinyasa flow. This class is not suitable for beginners. The primary series of postures is taught in this class at our Sunderland studio, which consists of the Sun Salutation warm up, Standing Sequence Postures, Floor Sequence Postures and Finishing Sequence postures.

This power yoga is not for the faint hearted and some previous experience of yoga is necessary. Your stamina, strength and flexibility will all improve and because the routine is set each week, you will easlily be able to monitor your progress.

We have a class to suit everyone

With over forty group classes a week, we have a class to suit everybody, regardless of age or ability. If group classes are not for you, we offer a bespoke one to one personal training with sessions tailored to your needs.

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