Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is a slow-paced vinyasa practice, devised by Ana Forrest.  a mystic, visionary, philanthropist, author, and Medicine Woman.

Ana crafted her style while working through healing from her own life’s traumas.  The class features pranayama, core work, and long pose holds in a heated room.

It is challenging, yet strangely relaxing at the same time.

By slowing down the practice and holding poses for longer periods of time, feelings and sensations arise, allowing us to realise our physical, mental and emotional patterns.

Sensation is an experience, rather than a verbal language and Forrest Yoga awakens sensation via the method of practice, leading to self-awareness.  This approach is more shamanic and symbolic, allowing us to experience ourselves holistically, not as a disembodied bunch of parts. By learning how to feel, we learn to see ourselves more completely, more compassionately, as we develop the skill of empathy for ourselves: connecting feeling or sensing to inner guidance.

Forrest Yoga is designed to address modern-day ailments such as lower back pain, tension in the neck and core, anxiety, over-stimulation, and a sense of disconnection.

Classes usually begin with pranayama breathing practice, whilst during the session, the focus is on building a strong Ujjayi breath as the fundamental breath of the entire practice. This focus on breath has lasting and deep changes to our physiology and psychology.

Core work is one of the key elements of Forrest Yoga and lays the foundation for getting into more challenging inversions, arm balances, or back bending poses. Core work strengthens and tones the abs at a superficial level but it is more about connection and getting out of your head and into your body, at a deeper level.

This class will increase your strength and stamina, release tension and stress, improve your breathing, reconnect to your body, and allow you to build a personal healing practice.

We have a class to suit everyone

With over forty group classes a week, we have a class to suit everybody, regardless of age or ability. If group classes are not for you, we offer a bespoke one to one personal training with sessions tailored to your needs.

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