Restorative Yoga – Stretch and Massage Class

New to exercise? Low fitness level? Stressed? Injured?

If you are looking to get back into fitness again, then this gentle class is for you. Our basic beginners stretch and mobility class will help you get your body moving again and get into shape.

Even if you are in shape, the body can become full of tension, due to the stresses and strains of Life. This tension can manifest in the muscles and soft tissue of the body and if left unchecked, it can cause restriction in movement and pain.

Massaging techniques are employed in this sessioin to iron out tight muscles and restore natural mobility to the joints and soft tissues.

You will start your class with some gentle massage techniques, using props such as the foam roller and spikey massage balls in order to release tight muscle tissue. The focus will be to mobilise all of the major joints, whilst increasing flexibility to encourage better posture and easier movement.

The relaxation section at the end of the lesson will calm the body and mind and leave you feeling de-stressed. The class is run at a gentle pace and we aim to make you feel rejuvenated, taller and more supple.

Your instructor will carefully guide you towards the path of health and fitness again. Available at our Sunderland studio.

We have a class to suit everyone

With over forty group classes a week, we have a class to suit everybody, regardless of age or ability. If group classes are not for you, we offer a bespoke one to one personal training with sessions tailored to your needs.

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