Barre Teacher Training

The BarreConcept Method is the only barre certification course that has international accreditation that is recognised in Australia, Canada, America and the UK. The two day training course carries 10 CPD points from CIMSPA.

Barre is a mixture of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga and sports conditioning, which tones and sculpts the body like no other regime. Performed to up tempo music, the class involves working at a ballet barre, performing small isometric contractions, which gives great muscle definition. Props, such as hand weights and small balls are also used to increase the intensity of the workout.

This is an exciting new way of combining the best of the Pilates and Yoga techniques with the grace and skill of a dancer to make for an intense and electrifying workout that gives real results. Our comprehensive instructor certification course covers every aspect of this technique including ballet barre training, resistance training, exercise to music and cueing skills, floorwork and warm up components and class choreography. This exciting course will allow you to attract new clients through your doors and vamp up your existing routines.

Course Schedule

Day One – Barre work

Ballet Barre Exercises. Learning ballet basics, positions and terminology. You will be taught all of the individual toning and stretch exercises at the barre, along with various modifications, contraindications, adaptations and progressions. Work from the exam lesson plan to teach the BarreConcept routine for your practical assessment. Learn the different approaches and techniques to teaching a complete beginner and a more advanced student.

Day Two – In The Centre and Floorwork

Learn the basics of the BarreConcept warm up and how to work to the beat and phrase of the music. Advance cueing skills taught along with the basic warm up movements to form a choreographed routine that flows effortlessly, including complex transitions.

Conditioning exercises on the mat for the abdominals, legs, butt, upper body and back. Modifications for adaptations and progressions are covered in depth. Cool down stretch series choreographed to the beat and phrase of the music. Work from the exam lesson plan to teach the floorwork series to music.


There are several costs involved in the BarreConcept Instructor Training. These include the course cost, training manual, exam assessment fee and lifetime membership fee and these are all detailed in full below.

BarreConcept Course Fee

The cost of the BarreConcept® 2 day Instructor Training course is £325.
The online course option is £225.

BarreConcept Training Manual Fee

The cost of the BarreConcept Workout Method Manual is £21.99.

Exam Assessment Fee

The cost of your assessors fee to view your exam is £45.

Lifetime Membership Fee

This one off payment costs £120 for life and covers the cost of your ongoing education, which gives you access to our online choreography, to help plan your routines. You also get a business listing on the BarreConcept website and the right to use our logos and marketing materials.


In order to achieve a pass in this course, there are two assessments involved:

Assessment One – BarreConcept Theory Quiz (80% pass)
Assessment Two – Practical Teaching Video Exam.
Assessment One – Theory Quiz.

There are 15 theory questions, which we will discuss on the course as a group task. For the online version, this will take the form of a quick quiz.

Assessment Two – Practical one hour exam

You must submit a video of you teaching a minimum of two healthy adults. You must teach from your choreographed week 5 lesson plan routine that you will learn on the course.

This one hour lesson routine includes the warm up, barre work and floorwork. You will be assessed on a list of selected criteria. These categories include: safety; modifications; teaching points; observation; correction; demonstration; proper technique; tactile cueing; pitch and tone of voice. You will be given the full list of criteria on the course so that you can prepare for your practical assessment accordingly.