Online Pranayama Yoga Breathing Training Course

This progressive course will guide you from basic conscious breathing exercises to the full pranayama breathing techniques in a structured, easy-to-follow manner

This comprehensive yoga breathwork course has almost six hours of video content alone, covering 30 different breathing techniques, including the classical Kumbhakas as listed in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Taking you from the basics of Conscious Breathing to Pre-Pranayama Exercises up to the classical Pranayama Techniques, with the application of breath retention and yoga bandhas.

There are practices which will energise and fire up the body and others which will have a cooling effect. Many techniques involve cleansing and purifying the system, whilst others involve sound and mantra. Also included are practices which will soothe the mind, reduce stress and anxiety and calm the nervous system. We will explore the effects on the body and mind of the introduction of different rhythms into the breath cycle.

In addition to the techniques described, this course will also cover the anatomy, physiology and mechanics of breathing. Philosophical aspects detail the importance of bandhas in Pranayama, Prana, Nadis and the Five Vayus.

This course will give you a detailed, structured approach to the learning and teaching of Pranayama and how to progress from the basics of conscious breathing, right through to the more advanced practices of of classical pranayama.

Techniques include:

Sectional Breathing; Mahat Yoga Pranayama; Pranava Aum; Sukha Purvakha Pranayama; Savitri Pranayama; Anuloma Viloma; Nadi Shodhana; Kapalabhati; Bhastrika; Mukha Bhastrika; Surya Bedhana; Chandra Bedhana; Sitali; Sitkari; Ujjayi; Bramhari; Udgeeth; Panch Sahita Pranayama.

Course Aims

For learners to develop a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the mechanics, anatomy and physiology of breathing. To understand the difference between basic conscious breathing, pre-pranayama exercises and full pranayama techniques. To be able to apply this knowledge in developing structured and progressive pranayama sessions for a range of clients of differing needs and abilities

Course Outcomes

Learners will be able to instruct basic to intermediate breathing and pranayama exercises to a variety of clients of different ages and capabilities. Learners will be able to identify relevant breathing exercises which may need to be modified for a particular client group and they will be able to adapt or progress these breathing exercises where necessary.

Course Structure

There are 11 units and you are allowed 150 days access to complete the course. You have instant access upon purchase and you are ready to start immediately. Just log in and go to unit one. On each screen, you will find the video of the exercise and how to teach the breathing technique. Underneath each video, you will find detailed text and explanation of the exercise being taught. You will work at your own pace and when you have time, just login and go to the appropriate unit and work your way through the material.

The units are split as follows

Unit One – Introduction to Pranayama – 4 Steps, 2 videos (12 minutes)
Unit Two – Prana, Nadis, Vayus – 7 Steps, No videos
Unit Three – Anatomy and Physiology of Breathing – 4 Steps, No videos
Unit Four – Conscious Breathing – 6 Steps, 6 videos (66 minutes)
Unit Five – Pre-Pranayama Breathing Exercises – 6 Steps, 6 videos (68 minutes)
Unit Six – Firm Foundations – Introducing Rhythms – 4 Steps, 4 videos (40 minutes)
Unit Seven – Becoming Aligned – Feeling the Breath – 3 Steps, 3 videos (13 minutes)
Unit Eight – Cleansing and Purifying Breaths – 12 Steps, 12 videos (81 minutes)
Unit Nine – Classical Techniques – 3 Steps, 3 videos (24 minutes)
Unit Ten – Bandhas and Pranayama – 1 Step, 1 video (27 minutes)
Unit Eleven – Final Quiz

Course Duration and Video Breakdown

There are 30 videos on this course. If you watched one video per day, it would take 30 days to complete the training. It is really dependent upon individual instructors and the time they have available to devote to learning. All learning must be completed before the 150 days are up.

Total number of videos = 30

Total Video Playing Time = 320 minutes (5.5 hours)

Total Quiz Time = 60 minutes

Total Reading Time = 195 minutes

Total minutes = 575 minutes (9.5 hours)


Multiple Choice Online theory quiz (70% pass mark). Upon successful completion of the course, you can download your Certificate of Completion.


The course costs £135 GBP. There are no other costs involved.


Pilates Union does not get involved with the insurance requirements of individual instructors, nor does it liaise with insurance companies regarding this. It is up to the individual instructor to assess their needs and contact the relevant insurers in this matter.