Core Fascial Release Bodywork

Benefits of Myofascial Release

If you are suffering any physical or emotional pain, then this type of bodywork can help with the following:

  • Release tension
  • Unblock emotions
  • Restore health
  • Reduce pain
  • Move with ease
  • Experience wellbeing

Clients come to Core Fascial Release Bodywork for a variety of reasons. Many experience pain and view deep bodywork as a last resort. Some wish to simply maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Too many of us hold our physical, mental and emotional pain within our bodies, where it slows energy, manifests as tension and can have a damaging impact upon our health. In this bodywork technique, you can experience that wellbeing and healing come from the detangling of blocked emotions and static energy and the restoration of the free flow of energy through the body.

Emma’s therapeutic work is influenced by the work of Noah Karrasch and his background in Rolfing, manipulation of the body’s connective tissue designed to enhance posture and freedom of movement.

Prices for Core Fascial Release

£45 for one hour

£60 for 90 minutes

To book an appointment, call 0191 5193351 or email emma@mybodystudios or contact us via socials (Facebook, Instagram).