4 Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs and Improving Self-Esteem

Beliefs are not real. What may be true for you may be entirely different for another. For it to be a fact, it must be true for everybody, everywhere.

A belief is just the same thoughts and words being repeated in your mind until it becomes hard wired.  Our beliefs come from many sources: our upbringing; schooling; religion; media; politics; society; culture and influences from family, teachers, friends, colleagues and peers.

It is what you have chosen to think is right and ‘true’.  However, for a belief to be real, it has to be true for everybody.  For example, the sun rises in the sky every day, has to be a fact for everyone, that you cannot argue with.  If a belief is true for one person but not another, then it is not necessarily true because it is different for everyone (religion is a prime example of this), so who is right?

Beliefs drive our behaviour, from which political party you will vote for, to whether you choose to go down the G.P. route and visit your doctor when you are ill, or if you seek the services of alternative, holistic health practitioners.

Many people have limiting beliefs about themselves, believing that they are not good enough, don’t deserve the good things in life or feel unworthy. These irrational beliefs often stem from childhood or negative relationships in life.

If you have beliefs that do not serve you, then that limits the amount of action you will take in your life. We learn to examine, identify, challenge and change your beliefs, in order to create the life you desire.  We use several techniques to do this, including affirmations and visualisations.

This workshop forms part of our 8 week Fulfilment Recipe transformational course.  It can be purchased as a single, individual workshop in its own right or as part of the full 8 week package.  When purchased as part of the full package, a discounted rate is offered.