6 Forgiveness and Releasing Negative Emotions

Just as we expect others to forgive us, we also have to forgive.

Being unwilling to forgive is a terrible thing we do to ourselves. It keeps us stuck in the past. Negative emotions such as guilt, hatred, jealousy, anger or bitterness wreak havoc on our body and prevent peace of mind.  The internal bitterness is like taking a pill of daily poison and as it accumulates, it destroys our sense of wellbeing. Learning to let go of old situations allows us to move forward with our lives.

Imagine looking into one of those distorted fairground mirrors and how it warps your perception of the way things look.  If you continue to view the world in this way, then the actions of daily life are misrepresented and misinterpreted as long as you choose to look into this mirror.  You view the world and others through your own tarnished consciousness.

Remember that the person whom you find hardest to forgive, is the one that can teach you the greatest lessons.  By learning to love yourself enough, you allow yourself to rise above the drama of the situation and that paves the way for clarity and understanding.  Forgiveness then becomes easier and freedom follows.  You may then even begin to thank your foes for the growth that has occurred within you, from the lessons you have learned in your interaction with them.

One of our biggest spiritual lessons is to understand that everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment, given the knowledge, understanding, awareness and resources that they have at their disposal. You can’t ask any more of anyone.  You may not have done it that way, so learn from it.

This workshop will teach you to cultivate compassion in your life and teaches the principles of forgiveness and how to achieve this.

In addition to the education on this important subject, there follows a one hour Forgiveness Meditation to allow you to release any heavy burden you have been holding onto.

This workshop forms part of our 8 week Fulfilment Recipe transformational course.  It can be purchased as a single, individual workshop in its own right or as part of the full 8 week package.  When purchased as part of the full package, a discounted rate is offered.