The Fulfilment Recipe – 8 Week Course

Join us on this life transforming eight week course. Learn how to control your mind and become the architect of the future you desire.

This transformational course mixes a sprinkle of spirituality, with a dash of mindfulness and a hint of meditation, along with a few other ingredients to produce a fabulous holistic recipe for living a happy and fulfilled life.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result.  So, if what you have been doing isn’t working for you, then what have you got to lose by trying a different approach?

Life can pass you by, if the controls of your mind are set on automatic pilot.  It’s time to wake up, step off the treadmill and take responsibility and become the architect of your future.

Mindfulness allows us to be present and live in the NOW. Our minds are often stuck in the past, trawling over events long since gone – this is known as Regret Mode. Then our minds can be projected into the future, obsessing over events that may or may not happen – this is known as Worry Mode. Whilst our mind is in any of these modes, we are not living in the present moment and therefore we can spoil the beauty of the moment in front of us.

Mindfulness training teaches us to be rooted in the present and we learn that we are bigger than our thoughts and that we do have control over the way we think – we just need to be shown the relevant techniques and then apply them to our daily lives.  Nobody teaches you how to think but our thoughts – good and bad – produce actions (good and bad karma) and our beliefs drive our behaviour.  Let go of the past, release yourself from the prison of your mind and step into the sunshine – we will show you the way.

Meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. It gives us a sense of calm and balance. During these sessions, you will encounter a number of different types of meditation, in order to find the right one for you.

Then, you will encounter some of the Spiritual Laws of this Universe.  You may be familiar with The Law of Attraction, but there are many others too – The Law of Karma, Intention, Responsibility, Flow, Attachment etc.  When you are aware of these spiritual laws, it is easier to make good choices and right decisions. You will learn how to attract good things into your life because You are the creator of your reality.

Everyone has different Life Lessons to learn.  Sometimes we make mistakes and that’s ok – we have the right to learn. Many people turn to alternative therapies to cope with the stresses, strains and traumas that they are presented with.  Why wait for the Universe to give you a painful wake-up call?  Come to this type of mental training now – because you have made a conscious choice to become a better version of YOU!

We will teach you how to channel your own inner Buddha and give you the tools to live a more meaningful existence.  We show you practical techniques to create daily habits that will serve you in making good choices and creating the life you desire.

This life-changing, personal growth and development course will literally change the way you think and how you perceive everything that happens in your life.  You can transition from victim to master, liberating yourself in the process!

Success without fulfilment is the Ultimate failure. 

Topics covered through the weeks –

Week One – Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

Week Two – Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Life

Week Three – The Ego versus The Soul

Week Four – Belief Systems

Week Five – Law of Attraction

Week Six – Forgiveness and Letting Go of the Past

Week Seven – Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Week Eight – Understanding and Balancing the Chakras