Detox Yoga Workshop

Spring Clean Your Body

Detox yoga gives you energy and improves your general wellbeing. Some exercises are soothing and provide relaxation, and some of the yoga positions are focused on movements that help the body to cleanse toxins and stimulate “agni”, the digestive fire, for better digestion. The mobility of the gut is as important as eating the right food. The goal is to massage the internal organs and achieve balance. This class consists of dynamic and static yoga poses which are partly combined with specific breathing exercises. A short meditation at the end of the class will calm your mind and nervous system of the gut. Detox yoga on a regular basis will help the body break down toxins faster, support the digestive process and increase metabolism in the body.



Many people find that detoxification gives them more energy and improves their sleeping patterns. Long-term benefits are less inflammation, less pain and joint pain as well as fewer colds and allergy problems.
From my own experience, I can confirm that you will produce less gases, and that the abdomen feels less or no longer swollen or bloated.