Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

Release yourself from the past and take control of your life – Become the architect of your future

This transformational workshop combines Mindfulness – which teaches us to be present and live in the Now with Meditation – which helps us to reduce stress and tension, using a variety of different techniques.

Mindfulness allows us to live in the NOW and control incessant thoughts, which can often be overwhelming. Our minds are often stuck in the past, trawling over events long since gone – this is known as Regret Mode. Then our minds can be projected into the future, obsessing over events that may or may not happen – this is known as Worry Mode. Whilst our mind is in any of these modes, we are not living in the present moment and therefore we can spoil the beauty of the moment in front of us.

Mindfulness training teaches us to be rooted in the present and we learn that we are bigger than our thoughts and that we do have control over the way we think – we just need to be shown the relevant techniques and apply them to our daily lives.

Meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. It gives us a sense of calm and balance.   After an initial discussion on Mindfulness and Meditation, you will learn 3 practical techniques as follows:

The Raisin Exercise

Conscious Breathing

Body Scan Meditation

This workshop forms part of our 8 week Fulfilment Recipe transformational course.  It can be purchased as a single, individual workshop in its own right or as part of the full 8 week package.  When purchased as part of the full package, a discounted rate is offered.