A Mentor is someone who guides another to greater success.  Mentoring sessions are the meetings between mentor and mentee, where advice, sharing knowledge, and problem solving takes place. It has been shown that mentoring and career progression go hand in hand, so mentoring is now considered one of the top strategies used for career development.

Book a one to one coaching meeting with me, for high value support in your business and teaching.  I have helped many instructors reach their full potential over the last decade, giving advice, guidance and assistance on a range of topics.  Whatever support you need in your business, I am here to help you blossom.  My role as mentor is to help you realise your vision and bring your ideas to fruition.

Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme

The content of our mentoring programme is dictated by you. I will devise a bespoke plan, which covers your key goals to attain, upon completion of the programme.

ILLUMINATE Mentoring Programme

For newbies with little industry experience

Six sessions – £1200

If you have recently qualified and need help with getting started in the industry, then this programme is for you.  Expert guidance is offered, which will help you establish your business within your area.  So, if you are in the early days of your career and need assistance with starting up, Emma can assist you with the following:

  • Marketing and Branding
  • Teaching Methodology, sequencing, themes
  • Business Start Ups
  • Studio Opening
  • Employing Staff
ENLIGHTEN Mentoring Programme

ENLIGHTEN Mentoring Programme

For those a lot of industry experience

Six sessions – £1200

This programme is for those individuals who have a lot of been in the industry for a while and have a lot of certifications and experience.  If you wish to take the leap to the next level but don’t know how to take the plunge, I can help you take the next step on the career ladder, giving guidance on a range of topics  including:

  • Business Expansion
  • Franchising
  • Licensing
  • Accreditation Process
  • Quality Assurance
  • Selling your Business

INSPIRE Single Session Mentoring

For those who just want a quick bit of advice and guidance

Pay per hour for advice and support and mentoring. This works well if you have a specific topic to cover and need some help with this. You can sign up for between 1 hour and 5 hours.

Single session – £200

How we will work together:

Each mentoring programme typically lasts for six, 90 minute Zoom sessions. During the course of a typical six-session mentoring programme I will help you to:

  • Be accountable for your progress
  • Set clear and precise goals that are both achievable and measurable
  • Challenge your personal boundaries
  • Seek out the knowledge and skills you need to grow
  • Prepare for each mentoring session to make the most of our time together

I work online with teachers around the world, helping them to develop into the teachers they want to be.

Why Invest in a Mentoring Relationship?

Why Invest in a Mentoring Relationship?

As a mentor, I can help you find your path and give insight into the industry, using my knowledge, contacts, business and life skills, to help push you forwards towards your chosen goal.  I will be your sounding board, providing feedback for your development and using my knowledge, gained from past experience to help you make the changes you need, in order to be the best teacher you can be.

Ready to Go?

To register book a free Zoom meeting with me. Enrolment in the programme is by interview only and requires a free call with me to explore if this programme is a good fit for you.

Just click “Book Now” at the header of this page to schedule your free meeting to discuss your requirements.