Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a form of therapeutic touch, that differs in many ways from traditional massage. Instead of a massage bed, you lie on a mat on the floor, while the therapist manipulates your body in certain ways, to stimulate organs and improve flexibility.

It combines assisted yoga stretches with acupressure techniques. The therapist will incorporate yogic stretching movements as they knead and press muscles along the body’s energy lines with the hands and feet.  This stimulates pressure points to open the body’s energy pathways and allows the body to heal. It’s a more active type of massage with different yoga poses which allow for a deeper stretch.


Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Increases flexibility
Relieves pain and muscular tension
Improves range of motion at the joints
Provides deep relaxation and relieves stress
Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
Reduces headaches and increases energy level


Prices for Thai Yoga Massage

£45 for one hour

£60 for 90 minutes

To book an appointment, call 0191 5193351 or email emma@mybodystudios or contact us via socials (Facebook, Instagram).